This Web site is dedicated to my favorite hobby -- brewing beer!

Note: If you're looking for an on-line "how to get started" guide, check out John Palmer's "How To Brew" site, and the Library at The Brewery (see the "links" section, below).

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If you have any questions or comments regarding this Web page -- or just want to discuss home brewing -- I can be reached at   I also participate in the rec.crafts.brewing Usenet newsgroup (check it out -- it's one of the most friendy and flame-free Usenet groups on the 'net).

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While all information and procedures presented on Mike's Brew Page are believed to be accurate and safe, homebrewing involves a certain amount of inherent risk.   Boiling liquids, breakable (glass) equipment, caustic cleaning/sanitizing chemicals, pressurized gasses, etc. can pose hazards if mishandled.   The author assumes no responsibility for any injury or property damage which may arise from the use of information on this site.

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